How to get rid of stray cats without hurting comfortable and effective

Have you tried various ways to get rid of stray cats without hurting them but to no avail? Just try to apply one of the following effective methods. Illustration. Have you tried various ways to get rid of stray cats without hurting them but to no avail? Just try to apply one of the following effective methods.

Stray cats that come to the house are really annoying because they often defecate in the open. Have you tried various ways to get rid of stray cats without hurting them but to no avail? Just try applying one of the following methods.

Not only easy, these methods are also convenient and effective for driving away stray cats without the need to use force.

Mainly wild cats whose presence is quite disturbing because they often come and defecate near the house.

Then, what is the method of expelling these furry animals so they don’t come again? Here are the ways you can try to get rid of cats, summarized from various sources.

Spread a scent that cats don’t like

Just like rats, cockroaches, and other wild animals, cats don’t like certain smells either. Usually the smell is good and we like even cats don’t like it.

The reason is, cats don’t like pungent scents because they feel their noses pierced. Scents that can be used to repel cats include lemon, chili, and menthol.

Cats don’t like the smell of lemon because it stings, on the other hand, the smell of chili peppers can make their eyes hurt.

While the aroma of menthol is almost the same as lemon. Menthol aroma itself is usually used for the manufacture of balsam, eucalyptus oil, wind oil, and others.

Putting plants that cats hate

Ginger cat sniffs basil growing on a windowsill, indoors. Illustration. The method of expelling stray cats without hurting them is by placing plants that cats hate

You can also put plants that have scents that cats don’t like, such as rue, coleus canina, lavender, and pennyroyal.

Place these plants near the home garden, can be put together with other plants or left to stand alone.

Spraying water

Water is a cat’s enemy, so you can spray water to drive away wild cats near your garden.

There are many methods you can do, such as using a faucet or a small sized water gun. Not only that, you can also use the water feature as a plant waterer.

The trick is to set an automatic timer on the hours when the cat usually comes into the house. You can also use sensor technology that immediately sprays water when the cat passes, so it’s easier and instant.

Make the target place uncomfortable

Illustration of a pet cat. A method of getting rid of stray cats without hurting them by making their targets uncomfortable

Cats are animals that love to relax. Therefore, you can repel cats by making them insecure and reluctant to visit certain areas.

There are many ways to make a cat’s target area at home unsafe. One of them, by filling in sharp rocks or pebbles in the area where the cat is always relaxing.

Using the ultrasonic feature

The method of expelling wild cats without hurting them is quite effective and will not disturb humans, namely by installing an ultrasonic device near the house.

These tools can produce sounds that cause cats to get annoyed when they observe them. However, humans will not be distracted by this sound because it is beyond the range of human deaf expertise.

Not only using features, you can also make your own equipment by placing marbles or pebbles in empty cans so that the cat gets angry when he walks near the house.

Another method is to use a sensitive bell or wind chime which makes a sound when the cat moves and creates vibrations.

Disinfect food sources in the area near the house

Feral cats generally like to be in places with lots of food. Therefore, if you have a pet cat at home, avoid giving your cat food outside.

After feeding the cat, immediately rinse the remains of food to prevent stray cats from arriving. Not only that, avoid throwing leftover meat into the trash heap beside the house.

Also make sure your cooking utensils are clean and odorless. The reason is, smelly cooking equipment can invite wild cats to come to the house.

Using a stick

In general, cats are worried about objects that are flat, hard, and long. For example, such as cucumber, bamboo slices, and sticks.

You can use a stick to shoo away the cat without hurting it. It’s enough to flick the stick without hitting it, the cat will leave because it feels insecure.

Not only the snaking movement, the sound generated due to the flick of a stick also disturbs the cat’s peace.

Using cat repellent

If you don’t want to bother, you can use cat repellents on the market. Some are in powder form, some are in spray form.

Not only that, cat repellent also comes in granular form. The way to use it is quite easy and instant, namely by sprinkling it near the area that wild cats like.

Don’t forget to sort out cat repellants that have organic ingredients so they don’t endanger the cat’s life.

Keep a bottle filled with water

Bottles filled with water are one easy and convenient method you can try to keep stray cats away. The trick is to keep the bottles filled with water in a place where the cat frequents.

This unique method is recognized as effective by Japanese people in driving away cats that come to the house. The water in the bottle is believed to make a stray cat feel threatened and then leave.