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Due to the housing modifications throughout the country (which is soon to have an up-flip), volumes of very desirable pets are being given up every day. Our mission is to assist owners discover choices, so they’ll hold their entire households together.

While we openly soak up puppies and canine who’re in good condition, our focus is on saving those who are more than likely not saved without our help. We have been based on the principle that all life is valuable, regardless of breed, look, or age.

Luvable Dog Rescue has used Liesl’s land, buildings and sources, and exists due to the assist of our neighbors and group. We are a public charity, counting on donations and adoption charges to operate. We are not open to the public, as a result of our very small staff should devote their time to dog-care. We additionally try to maintain our operations as peaceful as potential with minimal visitors, so canines and neighbors are not disturbed.