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The Importance Of Domestic Animal Diversity

Part of the lore of the American West stems from feuds between sheep ranchers and cattle ranchers over land and water rights. Some of those feuds erupted into deadly confrontations where tons of of men died and tens of 1000’s of animals have been slaughtered. Sheep are raised primarily as sources of wool, lamb (meat from a sheep that is one-yr-old or younger), and mutton (meat from sheep older than one yr). Historically their pores and skin, together with the pores and skin from goats and calves, was used to create parchment upon which to write down. Until we discovered the key of constructing paper from the Chinese, parchment was the way in which most books had been made in Europe.

That’s why it is so necessary that everyone is nicely informed, and continues to deal with animals humanely. There isn’t any justification for abandoning, rejecting, mistreating or killing animals due to considerations over COVID-19. This means, very simply, that it is protected to keep, rear, maintain and look after pets, draft animals, and livestock.

As a part of its mandate, FAO coordinates prevention, preparedness and detection of priority pathogens in animals, in close collaboration with World Health Organization (WHO) and World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), using the One Health method. This approach is a unifying force to safeguard human and animal health, reduce illness threats and ensure a protected food supply. Animals are more likely to be exposed to the virus from … Read More