Choosing Wall Caddy Brackets For Horse Jump Equipment

It’s easy to install and can save time switching between jump heights. Plus, it’s easy to clean and keeps your arena clean and sanitary.

Storage Bracket for Spare Parts for Wall Bars

Putting a large sum of money into a horse jumping competition can be expensive. A clever solution to the challenge is to build a tethered jump. Using one or two tethered jumpers is an effective and scalable alternative to the traditional setup. A tethered jumper weighing in at around three pounds is well within the sphere of most non-disabled equine athletes. The tethered jumper is the mascot of the operation. The tethered jumper can be positioned at a convenient height for easy access. A tethered jumper of the correct weight can be easily removed and repositioned as needed. The tethered jumper could be mounted on a perpendicular wall caddy system. The tethered jumper system is easily managed and maintained by the horse’s stable hand.

It makes Pole Replacement Easier

The time it takes to switch jump heights during competition can be shortened by installing the brackets in convenient positions along the course, making life easier for the course runners. When the poles are close to the sites of the horse jumps, course modifications are easy to make, reducing the amount of downtime between classes. Pole caddy brackets provide a simple and convenient location to store the poles until the next time they are needed when you are prepared to pack up for the day.

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