How to Adopt a Stray Cat Without Frightening

Before adopt a cat that roams the streets, you should know these tips for adopting a stray cat so you don’t get overwhelmed. Cats have friendly and funny characteristics. However, not a few cats roam the streets without anyone caring for or feeding them. Stray cats tend to be more aggressive due to various factors. To keep the cat, there are several things that must be considered, because stray cat cannot be brought home immediately.

Stray Cat

Adopt a Stray Cat without Causing any Fear

When going to adopt a stray cat, you should bring food, because cats will like and feel at home if given the food they like. Therefore, you can bring food to invite stray cats on a regular basis. Over time, the cat will get used to playing with you. Here’s how to adopt a stray cat without causing any fear:

1. Know the Character of a Stray Cat

To tame a stray cat, you must recognize the cat’s character. An anxious or stressed cat may attack if it feels pressured. If the cat is under stress, wait for the cat to calm down. Keep a safe distance first and don’t make the cat run away. Once your cat has calmed down, try to woo her with sweet treats and attention. Cats can understand your movements very well. Treating cats gently is very effective in taming wild animals, including cats. As animals that live in the wild, of course it takes time to get to know humans.

2. Prepare a Safe Hideout

Stray cats can tell if someone is watching them. If you want to watch your cat, keep it a safe distance away so the cat doesn’t notice it. For the cat to adjust to its new environment, it is necessary to prepare a safe hiding place. In addition to preparing a hiding place, the next tip for adopting a stray cat is not to yell at the cat. A brooding cat should not be yelled at or disturbed. If you scold the cat, it will make it easier for him to get scared and run away. To provide comfort to the cat, treat the cat well. Cats will easily tame if given a positive spirit. Actually keeping a cat is not difficult if it is tame, because cats are friendly and understanding animals. However, to make it tame takes quite a long time and requires high patience.

3. Prepare Delicious and Nutritious Food

The most important tips for adopting a stray cat is to prepare delicious and nutritious food. You need to know what food cats like as carnivores. Food must be high in nutrients to meet their needs. Food and drink is certainly an important thing that you need to pay attention to. While giving food, you can hold the cat carefully. Holding or petting a cat can make him feel comfortable. Don’t push yourself too hard to hold the cat, because it will make him feel annoyed. Cats cannot be carelessly held by strangers.