Methods of Caring an Adult Mini Pom Dog

Pom dog do have unique and special characteristics. Starting from the shape of the body to the fur is thick and smooth. So it takes good and special care for this type of dog. Pomeranian or Mini Pom dog care is done regularly and every day, especially for the cleanliness of their bodies and cages. Care for an aged Pomeranian with a child is slightly different. But for regular maintenance it is the same, namely as follows.

Hair care

Pomeranian dogs have long and thick fur that must be cleaned every day by combing it. You can comb it from the head and separate the hair towards the front. The fallen feathers are separated. Use dry shampoo in the shower to keep hair healthy and clean.

Eye care

Bathe the Pomeranian dog regularly using dry shampoo, and rinse the eye area every day to avoid having tear spots or dirt stuck near the Pomeranian’s eyes.

Ear care

Pomeranian ears need to be examined carefully. Because the Pomeranian’s ears have a lot of hair, up to 2 layers, so that dirt and dust stick a lot and accumulate between the ears. Rinse the ear using a cotton swab dipped in a non-alcoholic cleaning fluid. Do not put a cotton tip in the ear because it will irritate the ear.

Nail care

Trim dog nails regularly by lifting the soles of the feet from behind and bending the joints. When cutting, leave about 5 millimeters to protect the inside of the nail. You can use a special dog nail clipper kit purchased at the nearest pet store.

Pom dog hair care

The Pomeranian dog has long, lush hair so that a lot of dust sticks to and lodges in the Pomeranian’s hair. You must comb Pomeranian hair at least 2 times a day for hair not binding and dirty.

Pom dog dental care

The Mini Pom dog must have its teeth examined frequently. You can clean your teeth from dirt to avoid inflammation from germs that can make it worse. You can use a special brush and toothpaste for dogs. Usually the dog will reject it, so when rubbing, don’t be too hard because the dog’s gums are very sensitive.

Bathe the Pom dog

When bathing a dog, you also have to try it in a special bath. Using a water container and filled with warm water, then soak the dog half of the body. You can use a cup to slowly pour water over the dog’s body. Don’t let water get into your ears and stay away from the eye area.

Pom dog Food

Eating food is also very important to maintain the health of an aged Pomeranian dog. Mini Pom dogs can be given food one to 3 times a day. The food provided has good nutrition and nutrition and the food is soft or can be soaked first to make the chewing process easier.

Treatment for this aged Pomeranian is quite easy and tends to be daily or routine maintenance. Because dogs that are aged are used to various things related to body health or their cages. So all you need to pay attention to is good habits and don’t be bored to do this treatment for your dog.

The Best Feed for Mini Pom Dogs

Mini Pom dog

Food for Mini Pom type dogs must be carefully examined. Because eating food will affect the development of the dog. Make sure that the food provided has sufficient nutrition and nutrition for the growth of this type of dog. Unhealthy food can cause dogs to face health problems.

Especially during pregnancy, food consumption for the Pomeraniane type must also be observed. Because food will affect the Pomeranian child or toddler. At the age of pregnancy above 50 days, consumption of vitamins must be reduced because it makes it easier to give birth. Stay away from foods that have food coloring as this can make Pomeranian growth unhealthy and stifled.

The best food for this Mini Pom or Pomeranian type of dog must have the following nutritional concepts.

Have borage oil

This nutritional content is useful for maintaining the beauty of the Pomeranian dog’s hair so that it is always shiny and can maintain the health of the Pomeranian dog’s skin.

Has biotin, omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids

This special food for Mini Poms is made specifically to support white hair that grows clean, bright and soft. And to reduce odor and also the amount of feces. So that Mini Pom is always in good condition and active every day.

Has Sodium Polyphosphate

The contents of this substance can strengthen the teeth when chewing food so that food can be digested properly and limit the formation of tartar in Pomeranian or Mini Pom dogs. These nutrients can also protect dental health for Pomeranian puppies.

Foods that have these nutrients are very good for Mini Pom dogs. Because these dogs have very active and agile characteristics, the consumption of nutrients from food must be sufficient to meet their needs. If there is a problem with appetite, don’t forget to consult a veterinarian.