Sleeping with dog or cat, is it safe for health?

Are you a cat or dog lover, and have pets at home? Do you often sleep with your pet cat or dog? You are not alone. A survey conducted in America noted that 50% of pet dogs sleep together with their owners, and 63% of pet cats have the habit of sleeping in their owner’s bed.

Benefits of sleeping with a pet cat or dog

A study from the Mayo Clinic in 2015 explains why many people enjoy sleeping with their pets. Sleeping with a pet creates a sense of security in some people. Pets make the bed warmer and more comfortable, making owners relaxed and feel safe. People who live alone, or those who are unable to sleep with their partners for work reasons, benefit greatly from sleeping with pets.

Pets can be a source of disease

Diseases that can be transmitted from animals are called zoonoses. According to the CDC website, before you allow your pets to sleep together, it’s a good idea to make sure that your pet has been vaccinated with the necessary vaccines such as rabies. Also, schedule your pet for regular flea and worm cleaning at the vet. Thus, you can be free from the threat of diseases that can be transmitted by animals and can sleep with your pet in peace.

Apart from parasites present in animals, your pet’s habits can also be a source of problems. Pets usually love to lick you. Although they may feel fun and adorable, their licks can spread germs. If you are injured, or are resting at home after surgery, first remove yourself from your pets even if your wound is tightly covered with a bandage.

You also shouldn’t sleep with pets when you have the flu, ear infections, or other respiratory infections. Pet licking can spread your germs everywhere. Also avoid sleeping with animals when your immune condition is weak,

Can babies and children sleep with cats or dogs?

You just gave birth to your baby? Even though it looks cute to see your baby playing with your beloved pet, it’s good if you get rid of your pet from your little one’s bed. This action is one of the measures to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Animals such as dogs can hold your baby by rolling over them.

Older children should also not be left alone with pets. Although you firmly believe that your pet is tame, while sleeping, animals can have nightmares, and when they are touched, they can bite and attack suddenly. This can lead to very serious circumstances. If your child wants to sleep with their pets, it is a good idea to let your pet sleep on the floor of their room.

Is it okay to sleep with a cat or dog if you are allergic?

If you don’t have allergies, then sleeping with pets will not make you allergic. However, what if you have allergies and still want to sleep with your pet? You may want to try taking an antihistamine at night to prevent you from sneezing when you wake up the next day.

However, if your allergic reaction is so severe that it causes tightness or an asthma attack, you may have to give in to your love for animals. Remove your pets from the room, and clean every corner of your room from the hair that sticks.

So, is it safe to sleep with pets?

The answer really depends on the circumstances. Small children should not be allowed to sleep with their pets. Some medical conditions also prevent adults from sleeping with pets. However, by taking some precautions, many animal owners can share a bed with their pet cat or dog.