We Ask Animal Professionals, “Who’s Been Your Mentor?”

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The remaining 5 communities have been vigorously protected underneath the Endangered Species Act when it was enacted within the 1970s—including one in Yellowstone National Park. Some 2,000 bears now roam wild, although a latest ruling to take away them from the threatened record was overturned by a federal choose in September of 2018, stories NPR. Don’t miss the strangest animal found in each state.

‘Secret’ Life Of Sharks: Reef Sharks Show Surprising Social Networking Skills

With that being said, there have been three recognized species of the crocodile-like predator. Evidence of its victims has been seen within the form of bite marks on the bones of varied dinosaurs as well as the shells of turtles. Interestingly enough, this species was extinct before the mass extinction that took out most of prehistoric life. Since Walt Disney first launched the world to Mickey Mouse in 1928, animals have been at the heart of Disney storytelling.

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