How To Find A Wildlife Rehabilitator

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Wild Water Buffalo

Indian civets are solitary and nocturnal wild animals spends more often than not on the ground. There are 6 species of wild civet found in the Indian Subcontinent, Malabar massive spotted civet is the largest one endemic to the Western Ghats. Here is the record of wildlife and wild animals of India, you should know and some of these beautiful creatures are sadly a part of endangered animals in India. Nilgai or blue bull is the biggest Asian antelope and some of the generally seen species of untamed animals in India.

It is as if there was a pool of thousands of okapis, or white rhinos, or snow leopards which could possibly be released with a unprecedented success fee. Astonishingly, about 12,000 of these Asian elephants are largely ignored by governments and remain personal property pure and simple. In any Asian nation, even those which have ratified CITES, anybody with the money can buy as many domesticated elephants as desired after which treat them however desired, with the single proviso that the elephants can’t be sold in another country.

Given such an ancient history, it’s quite amazing that there was never any vital selective breeding. Since Evans”™s nice guide, only one single work, Ferrier”™s 1947 The Care and Management of Elephants in Burma, has been printed on the practical preserving and administration of Asian elephants on their home continent. Even the home yak got a book unto itself, The Yak, a wonderful overview by Li and Wiener … Read More