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In Madagascar, whale sharks are known as marokintana in Malagasy, which means “many stars”, after the looks of the markings on the shark’s back. Hundreds of whale sharks are illegally killed every year in China for their fins, skins, and oil. Sightings confirmed that the whale sharks were unable to keep away from the oil slick, which was located on the floor of the sea where the whale sharks feed for several hours at a time.

It was one of the largest gatherings of whale sharks recorded. Aggregations in that area are among the most dependable seasonal gatherings recognized for whale sharks, with large numbers occurring in most years between May and September. Associated ecotourism has grown quickly to unsustainable levels.

The whale shark inhabits all tropical and warm-temperate seas. The fish is primarily pelagic, living within the open sea but not within the greater depths of the ocean, though it is identified to often dive to depths of as a lot as 1,800 metres (5,900 ft).

Although typically seen offshore, it has been found nearer to land, entering lagoons or coral atolls, and close to the mouths of estuaries and rivers. Its vary is generally restricted to about 30° latitude or decrease.[citation needed] It is able to diving to depths of a minimum of 1,286 m (4,219 ft), and is migratory.

Growth, longevity, and reproduction of the whale shark are poorly understood. Studies disagreed over whether vertebrae growth bands have been shaped yearly or biannually, which is important in figuring out the age, development, and longevity of whale sharks. One study looking at free-swimming whale sharks estimated the age at maturity in males at ~25 years. Various research taking a look at vertebrae progress bands and measuring whale sharks in the wild have estimated their lifespans from ~80 years and as much as ~130 years. In 2011, more than four hundred whale sharks gathered off the Yucatan Coast.

In Oslob, Philippines, whale sharks are fed shrimp to return every morning for vacationers and divers. The BBC program Planet Earth filmed a whale shark feeding on a college of small fish. The similar documentary confirmed footage of a whale shark timing its arrival to coincide with the mass spawning of fish shoals and feeding on the resultant clouds of eggs and sperm.

The whale shark is an lively feeder, targeting concentrations of plankton or fish. It is ready to ram filter feed or can gulp in a stationary position. This is in distinction to the passive feeding basking shark, which doesn’t pump water. In a report from Rappler final August 2019, whale sharks have been sighted throughout WWF Philippines”™ photo identification activities in the first half of the year. There had been a complete 168 sightings – 64 of them “re-sightings” or reappearances of previously recorded whale sharks.

On 7 March 2009, marine scientists in the Philippines found what is believed to be the smallest living specimen of the whale shark. The young shark, measuring solely 38 cm (15 in), was discovered with its tail tied to a stake at a seaside in Pilar, Sorsogon, Philippines, and was launched into the wild. Based on this discovery, some scientists no longer consider this space is just a feeding floor; this website may be a birthing ground, as nicely. Both younger whale sharks and pregnant females have been seen in the waters of St Helena within the South Atlantic Ocean, the place quite a few whale sharks could be noticed through the summer.